Installing KdenLive 7.5 on my Ubuntu 9.10 ruined my video playing ability. How do I fix it?

Installing KdenLive 7.5 on my Ubuntu 9.10 ruined my video playing ability. How do I fix it?

BEFORE installing KdenLive: YouTube videos played smoothly.

AFTER installing KdenLive: YouTube videos play as a series of frames displayed for about 5 seconds each, while Audio is OK.

I suspect the installation has corrupted my codecs or something. If so, I want my old codecs back. Please, how do I fix this?

ALSO, videos won't play correctly within KdenLive in the monitor, much distortion and general picture error. Every attempt to play a clip eventually crashed KdenLive.


Also, my hardware is the following:

HP DC5000 sff
Intel Pentium 4 2.4ghz
RAM = 2G

Intel Extreme Graphics 2 (integrated with Intel 865GV chipset)

Maybe a package Kdenlive requires changed something about the horribly buggy audio foundation in Ubuntu 9.10. Try installing OpenSUSE if a reboot does not help.

You mean horribly buggy audio foundation can effect the video performance?

First of all, Ubuntu proper with gnome, or Xubuntu or Kubuntu?

Ddennedy is expressing frustration with Ubuntu proper deciding to use pulseaudio, with a bug that can cause issues with kdenlive. Kubuntu doesn't display this bug as it defaults to ALSA. There are numerous discussions on this site and ubuntuforums about how to work around it though.

Yes, bad audio can crash your video (as evidenced by my crappy mythtv audio card).

However, I noticed there was a new flash update a few days ago as well. Did you install that? It could have corrupted things. Is flash working on other sites, or locally? For example, if you download a flash video and play it back using vlc or another media player, is it working properly? If so, it may be a flash issue. How about avi or ogg files? Are they affected as well?

Did you do any of the pulsaudio tweaks? If so, which ones?

Let me know the answers to the above, and maybe we'll check some log files if it is an all around problem.

Ok. I'm using regular Ubuntu 9.10 with Gnome, not Kubuntu or other things.

I don't know about the flash performance. I wouldn't know how to find a flash video or ogg video to try them.

I did not do any of the pulsaudio tweaks.

But I did some more things that may reveal something.

I removed KdenLive 7.5 and installed KdenLive 7.7 instead. This fixed one of my two problems. It made YouTube videos play smoothly again, whereas with 7.5 installed YouTube videos played jerky. However, the monitor within KdenLive 7.7 still would not properly play video of a clip. Just as with 7.5, I got a band of blurry video across the top 10% of the monitor screen, while the other 90% was a hash of blue-ish static. And it would also lock up and crash for every attempt to play a clip in the monitor.

OK. Now here's a clue that MAY help.

I have the same basic problem in Windows XP Pro using Adobe Premiere 1.5. There too the monitor won't play video correctly whereas videos play smoothly everywhere else, like just watching a YouTube video. This is the same computer running Windows and Ubuntu as a dual boot system. Ok. But with Premiere the symptoms are different from the blue-ish noise I get with KdenLive. Premiere just plays the clip all jerky.

So. We apparently have a computer that won't properly play clips in video monitors embedded in video editing applications, regardless of operating system or application. Is this a clue that helps us?