Installted latest Beta of 9.3 , got lots of crashes

I was very happy with the latest builds of the software.

But with the update from today the KDEnlive is crashing alwaws when loading any MP4
files into KDEnlive.


Need to wait until this gets better.



Fixes have been committed. I too was getting crashes with sunabs ppa from 24th Dec.

yeap, i am getting crashes as well. i went back to sunab's kdenlive-release ppa (it's 0.9.2 and more stable builds) Very easy to switch ppas within ubuntu. uninstall kdenlive, kdenlive-data, melt, and frei0r-plugins and then uncheck kdenlive-svn ppa, then sudo apt-get udpate (or reload within synaptic) then search for kdenlive and it'll auto install the other dependencies and it shouldn't crash anymore, at least the 0.9.2 version isn't crashing for me.

I am having an audio out of sync issue though but that's for another thread plus I am not sure if it's out of sync in the source footage or being caused by kdenlive

I'm using the build script as it's so easy. Also daily snapshot builds are available here:

And leaving sunabs PPA as is until it's upto speed with git.

Think something else is wrong though with latest sunab builds as they crash outright with certain projects but the build script and MLT buildbot versions just freeze, I say just as either or is a crash. :-)

Not critizing sunabs PPA of coarse as I'm very grateful that it exists at all and the effort that goes in to maintaining it.

In my case, in version of 0.9.2 when I open the page "about kdenlive" and after close it, kdenlife chashes!
In 0.9.3, after every crash, to start up it gives configu wizard and in capture device page - I could not select any device...

there is so many bugs, just too much to use this version!

So Yellow - do you reckon this issue is resolved as at 27 dec in the Sunab PPA?

ttguy, I get constant crashes with new & recent projects that use h264 in matroska container, trying to create mjpeg proxies all of which worked fine a week ago. Projects using h264 in a MOV container with same mjpeg proxy option seem to work fine.


As a test I deleted all prior proxies for a project using h264 in matroska and recreated them using exact same proxy profile, once created, tested and no crashes now.

and where are you getting your binaries? i am on xubuntu 12.04

Tested the new release on 27th of Dec. and up to now everything is stable back again.

Thank you very much!


new release? from where and what OS are you using?

ed means new git build I'd imagine, not release, not yet.

wonder if it's in sunab's kdenlive-svn ppa? will have to enable it again and check it out.

i looked at sunab's svn ppa and on the right side of the page it states that mlt failed to build, does this mean I shouldn't try to install this ppa to use the latest svn kdenlive?