Instead of "Split View" separate full sized views?

Via the option "Split View" it is possible, to see up to 4 video-tracks at the same time. This is very handy when editing multicam-footage. The disadvantage is the rather small size of those split-views. Therefore my question: Is it possible to see (i.e. place) all video-tracks in full size (i.e. in a separate sub-window) each?

If it is not possible (please give me some feedback on this) I should file a feature request accordingly.

Kind regards.

Hey this will be a great feature to have! Also when using the composite transition for editing multi-cam footage the track which is being overlayed on goes black on the multi-view screen, so if there's some workaround on this I'd be very happy :). Cheers!

would be a great feature to be in a sub window and be able to drag to other monitor's or "screens" (example: screen0, screen1) etc