It's possible to add a sound track from a microphone?


thanks a lot for your software. :)
I'd like to insert audio comments in some videoclips to explain it. Most has no sound at all, then I see that with kdenlive I can add it a music soundtrack and play with volume. Some have ambience sound. But for both, I'd like to have the ability for connect my microphone and add some audio comments as clips plays on.

As an alternative, I can use Audacity to capture my audio comments and later import sound file as a track in kdenlive, but it will be better if I can do it with only one program.

Anyway, thanks again.

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I'm not sure if you already do this or not, or if it would work without some fiddling, but have you considered running audacity whilst kdenlive is running?

Then, you could press play on Kdenlive, press record in audactiy, and record a rolling commentary whilst watching kdenlive play back.

Then, you would only need to sync the clip up once inside of kdenlive, rather than once for each soundbyte.

Just a thought!


since I'm faced with exactly the same task over and over again, I'd like to give this issue a push and warm it up for further discussion. I'd love to see audio overdup support in kdenlive.
Would be an outstanding feature.

(Audio overdup: full-duplex recording of audio during playback of existing audio/video on armed tracks-> easy audio comments with full sync to existing video tracks)