j-k-l functionality- make 'k' pause on first press

Hi all,

would it be difficult to repair the 'j-k-l' functionality in kdenlive to
have 'k' pause the timeline on first press if being pressed during
playback (from 'j' or 'l')- ala Avid & FCP (currently 'k' plays forward
at 1x when pressed once and only pauses if pressed twice which
makes precision editing with this method impossible)?

I'm thinking this shouldn't be too hard a fix and would be a HUGE help
for me while editing, and would absolutely speed up my editing. I'm
sure a bunch of people would agree.

If it's too hard to fix no probs, and as always, congrats on making
what is becoming Linux's premiere pro video editing app.



which version of kdenlive do you mean ?

the latest kde3 version works as you want (play timeline, and after pressing k once, pause)

you have the 0.5.0 ?

it only happens if clik play then k to pause, if i remember correctly...

just tested

works if click play in monitor, and then press k => pause

Awesome! Thanks heaps.
Working correctly now. :D