Jerky, stuttering video output.

My main computer has two 1TB Hard drives. On one, I still have Ubuntu 10.10 and on the other, the one I'm using now, I have Ubuntu 12.04 64bit. I do nearly all my video stuff etc on a 32 inch Panasonic TV via HDMI 1080p.

For sometime now, I have really been suffering from jerky/stuttering video playback, but not all the time which is kind of strange. Last weekend, I rendered a first take of a project to see what it would look like full screen. What a mess, pan and zoom on images just jerked like mad and video with any real movement was just as bad. It was time to find out.

First, copied the video to a 16GB SD card, then played the video back from there via USB. It played PERFECTLY. I then copied it to the Ubuntu 10.10 drive but still using Ubuntu 12.04 and again it played great. Copied the video to the HDD of my other machine and again it played fine. It also played ok when copied to my Home partition on this drive!!

So, is it the partition? the drive? whatever? Any ideas anyone?

I'm mainly mentioning this, because in the past a number of people on here have complained about stuttering pan and zoom and video, they have probably gone away thinking it's Kdenlive when it's not.

Ironically, I have a tiny media player, no bigger that a packet of cigarettes, and with an SD card it plays my HD videos very well indeed. Although, now, I have screwed it down to 720p output to suit all flat screens.