Jman Theater

Instead of creating multiple threads I think I'll just update this one whenI have something new to share.

Here is my first vid with kdenlive. Nothing special. But it's a start :-)

This is a political rant/rebutal about censorship and healthcare directed at youtube user HowTheWorldWorks. I did a bit of green screen work on this one. Even with additional lighting I still seem to get a green halo around me. Any suggestions to fix that would be appreciated !!

This one was shot in a very dark room. I used the keyframable brightness effect to lighten it up. I found that I could not use the keframable volume at the same time as the brightness. Only one or the other would work. Also fade from black and fade to black would not work with it. Since the clip was short I rendered it at the new brightness and then brought the new file in to add the other effects.

A little cave in Arizona. Simple transitions with some background music and some stills of Colossal cave.