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it should be not very difficult to join 2 kdenlive projects because project files stored in XML format. Combination of producer,playlist,kdenlive_producer XML nodes should do this job. Is there anyone out has already written a script for this joining process?

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You can actually just drag or add Projects to your Project Tree, then drag then to to timeline, put them together and render.

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thanks for your fast response. Wow, that's very very cool!!!!

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I have a similiar question .. is it possible to join the projects seeing the single clips of the other project?
Actually I'm thinking about, how to edit the video best, when you have two persons cutting. Of course we could have the same kdenlive-project which we always share, but if we're working the same time, it'll be worthless work for one of us.
Any ideas?


Hi. I am not getting the expected behavior when I add another kdenlive project into my main video project. I tried "adding" the second project as a clip as well as drag/drop it into the project tree. I can see the second project as a clip fine in the project tree but when I add it to the timeline I get "Missing Clip". I am using the latest 0.9.2. I am sure I used this in the past and it worked fine. Anyone getting the same?


If you open the project that you are importing does it open without errors?

There has been some long-time regression on adding projects as clips. This has just been fixed recently in the svn versions. Unfortunately, rendering is currently broken, as mlt will often leave out video when rendering or compose only in part.

Adding a project as a clip is not an import, as you cannot use it to clone and then modify.

Yep. No errors.

Thanks. I will give the latest svn version a try. I am not looking to modify the imported clip from another project. Since both projects have a large amount of videos and photos, it is much easier to edit the pieces into different projects and then combine everything edited in the end. That's how I did in the past anyway. Since I was not able to combine the projects by importing the second project as a clip, I ended up rendering the second project and then imported it as video. The problem with this is the wait time for the second video to render then it will be rendered again in the main project. Any suggestions for this?


And just tested the svn 0.9.3... and as you mentioned, the add project as a clip works but rendering does not work.



Thank you for this post I was supposed to ask this and you answered it.