Just 4 transitions in list?

Simple question: with 0.7.4 on Suse 11.1, should there be more than 4 transition effects in the list? Just wondered if the rest might not have been installed. I'm completely new to kdenlive and still experimenting with it. If there aren't more than these 4, is there a place where I could download more?

Thanks for all hints...


Yes, this is normal. If you want more transitions, you should install the frei0r plugin package. You probably can do this using yast, or something similar.

Note, that the Luma transition is really a set of transitions.

Aaah ok, thank you, found them!

And yes, Luma already offers a lot of possibilities. The thing I hoped for was flipping-away effects, 3D and so on - those are covered by Affine Composite and Wipe, aren't they?


Not sure, really. I hardly ever use anything but dissolve and "cut".

FYI, in the next release:

Wipe -> Slide
Luma -> Wipe
+Dissolve (Luma without wipe)

Ok, interesting to know!

Next is that I'll install it on my desktop PC with much more raw material and bigger HDs, my "production" system...