Just installed KDENlive .9 on ubuntu studio 12.04, NO TRANSITIONS! please help

I just installed ubuntu studio 12.04 on my new Dell Latitude D830, than installed kdenlive .9 and the most current mlt. I watched the tutorials about adding transitions and have used the software before, but when I now go to add a transition, there are none! please help me figure this out. I am getting ready to shoot a feature documentry and would really like to have finally kicked the windows bucket. Every thing else that I have tested in the program seems to work brilliantly. This is really important to my project. thank you

Which MLT version is installed? can you post the output of the following command in a terminal:

melt -query transitions

this is the output from the above command

james@james-Latitude-D830:~$ melt -query transitions
- affine
- frei0r.addition
- frei0r.addition_alpha
- frei0r.alphaatop
- frei0r.alphain
- frei0r.alphainjection
- frei0r.alphaout
- frei0r.alphaover
- frei0r.alphaxor
- frei0r.blend
- frei0r.burn
- frei0r.color_only
- frei0r.composition
- frei0r.darken
- frei0r.difference
- frei0r.divide
- frei0r.dodge
- frei0r.grain_extract
- frei0r.grain_merge
- frei0r.hardlight
- frei0r.hue
- frei0r.lighten
- frei0r.multiply
- frei0r.overlay
- frei0r.saturation
- frei0r.screen
- frei0r.softlight
- frei0r.subtract
- frei0r.uvmap
- frei0r.value
- frei0r.xfade0r
- composite
- luma
- mix
- region
- vqm