Just a really simple export

I'm a total newbie, and I'm having the hardest time exporting a video. It's just a fun clip for youtube, so I don't need any widescreen or hd stuff.

I have it set up like this


Screenshot-Render Timeline.png


but there is no audio in the finished file.

What am I doing wrong?


I don't have the feature to create custom scripts! From packman rpms on opensuse... Are you compiling from svn?

Yes, the "Create script" feature was added after the 0.5 release. What it does is that instead of doing the export right now, it creates a bash script that will do the rendering and that can be launched later. That way, you can for example create several rendering scripts and execute them during the night. You can also launch the script on another computer if it has access to the source clips under the same paths.

Regarding the audio problem, it works on my system. Which FFMPEG version are you using ? I remember that audio in flash didn't work at some point in FFMPEG, maybe you can find an updated version.


So when i create a script i can also add/modify parameters like ffmpeg's command line?

Well you can edit the script, but if you just want to edit the parameters, you can simply create a custom encoder. The parameters are the undocumented libavformat one's, not FFMPEG command line parameters.

I just tried to render my project into a simple dv file (version 0.5.) but nothing happened - progress bar remained at 0%, then "kdenlive_renderer closed unexpectedly", as the message was.

Test rendering into a VOB file using the DVD rendering option, however, worked o.k. Can anyone help?

I will integrate any useful answer into the Kdenlive handbook wiki :-).