Kdelive 0.7.5 / Utbuntu Jaunty / MLT 0.4.4 - major freezing-crashing problems - number of reinstalls don't fix it

I'm new to Ubuntu / Kdenlive, I currently use a macbook and switched as my current version of Imovie doesn't have timeline features.

I have been working on a project with jpegs / and separate sound files (to create a slideshow with sound I guess) - no video input.

I was working on 7.0.3 and it started to freeze more frequently, after looking at several posts I upgraded to 7.0.5 / MLT 0.4.4. (uninstalled all previous versions)

It works for 5 - 10 mins at a time,and then freezes and only leaves you the option to force quit.

I have found that uninstalling, reinstalling works for a longer period of time (say an hour max at a time). I have now - completed editing ( with 2 solid days of screaming at the computer) and I need to add transitions - and it's starting to freeze EVERY time I click on the audio effects stack.

Any suggestions would be very appreciated, as this has now turned out to be very time consuming as what looked to be a very promising and easy package, seems to have caused a lot of problems.

Would installing it on my mac solve any of these problems? Could I access me now almost complete kdenlive file?

Sorry, I'm completely new to all of this and I'm not very technical (hence the mac!)

Several users had big problems when using Kdenlive with Pulseaudio. I recommend that you check if you have the pulseaudio package, and try to remove it, then see if Kdenlive works better. The Mac version of Kdenlive is experimental and will not solve any problem.

And for the future, we have been working hard to fix crashes and timeline corruption for the 0.7.6 version of Kdenlive which should be released tomorrow...


Thanks, I've already selected ALSA in the Kdenlive configure settings. Should I remove the package entirely, I'm not sure whether other programmes on Ubuntu rely on this package and deleting would interfere with other files? (It's not my computer!)

Last night I tried to render the file as it is (no title, audio still needs leveling). I rendered H.264 25000k 2 pass / AVI DC - DV PAL 16:9 to I have a rough edit to show the client at least, but the sound are clips that I have edited out (image jpegs on line 0 / separate audio on line 1 - both video tracks). The audio is all over theplace with audio clips that have been edited out some time ago.

Also, should I upgrade to 0.7.6 this early on the release - is it likely to go trough teething problems and therefore cause me more problems?

Sorry for all the questions, if I need to make any changes - please can you give me exact intructions (or at least point me to them) as I'm completely new to this.


Not sure if this question still needs and answer. I had to completely remove pulseaudio and or disable it and also select alsa in the preferences. Then reboot.

I'm now working very well on kubuntu karmic with 0.7.6.

I also noted that you want to use h264 for encoding. The default kubuntu does not support this so you would need to install an upgraded ffmpeg package (see this website) or compile it yourself.