Is Kdenlive 0.5 bundled with a demo CD

Dear friends,

I am looking for a demo CD (like Ubuntu desktop for example) including Kdenlive 0.5 by default.
This will allow me to advocate Kdenlive on the forum.

Which demo CD do you recommand?

Kind regards,

the new suse kde CD disk would be pretty cool.

might be very easy to create with the new opensuse build-service.

Is there such a tool for Ubuntu?

KDEnlive 0.5 should be integrated into the next JackLab release- rc1 - which should be out within the next week.

JackLab includes most everything else you'd need for video under Linux such as cinelerra, DeVeDe, dvd:rip, mplayer/xine, xdtv, kino, qdvdauthor etc.

Of course, the currently downloadable b2 includes KDEnlive 0.4

A live DVD would be perfect.
I am waiting for it to advocate.

agreed, Jacklab would be cool.