Kdenlive 0.6 on KDE4... Possible?

I really don't like 0.7, it lacks simplicity, it doesn't look like an advanced version of 0.6, it looks like a totally different program.
I can't even locate Crossfade, effects pop up by themselves and can't be deleted, crashes faster/easier, and the rendering part sucks because of the lack of options, and even if these things were not there bothering me I still don't like the look, too complicated.

I wanted to know if it is possible to have 0.6 on KDE4(Mandriva 2009 that is).

Thanks for your time.



don't be afraid with all the news ... sure 0.7 is not just a evolution with 0.6

it's a big evolution ... at the beginning of my use of 0.7 i was surprised like you .. but with little practice all gone be allright ...

For the effect impossible to remove, open a bug ...

if you use 0.6 you will never get improvement ...