KDEnlive 0.6 in time for Valentines?? (HH FF)

Hi KDEnlive devs and fans!

As some of you may be aware, the next release of Ubuntu (maybe not the best Linux or even open os, but easily gets the most press and attention) the next Ubuntu version, Hardy Heron, will be out in April 2008 and will be a long term support version as far as Canonical is concerned. The Feature Freeze date for Hardy is Valentines Day, 14th Feb 2008, that is the cut-off date for new apps getting into Hardy.

http://www.ubuntugeek.com/ubuntu-804-ha ... dates.html

Look at how fantastic FOSS/KDE multimedia has got now! We have:

KDEnlive ;)
Traverso (early days yet, but very promising)

just to name a few and there are plenty more cool KDE/qt4 multimedia apps in the works like qtractor etc!

I feel that KDEnlive plays a CENTRAL role now in FOSS multimedia software and sadly 0.5, whilst an exciting and overall better release than 0.4, was still blighted by too many showstopper bugs out-of-the-box on many distros like Ubuntu. I can see there's a very good chance that 0.6 will be out soon and will be the release 0.5 should've been. Ubuntu being the press-devouring beast that it is I would encourage the KDEnlive devs to get the best 0.6 out they can in time for inclusion in Hardy Heron, thus to best-represent and help nuture the state of free media.

Exciting times ahead!


While i am a suse-head myself, i cannot but applaud your push for a stable public release in time for V day.

Best of luck.

Thanks REMF!

I noticed that dvgrab 3.1 (and kino 1.2.0) got released recently!

I see there is a whole stack of requested features on the KDEnlive wiki roadmap but are there any specific features that jbm and co want complete before it gets tagged 0.6?