Kdenlive 0.7.3 crashes when trying to open project


working on an already existing project suddendly Kdenlive crashed and after that every time I try to open that project Kdenlive crashes again.
Of course Kdenlive is able to open other projects without problems.
The behaviour seems to be similar to an already solved bug (no. 746), however how can I check it and most important how can I fix my project file? It took me lot of time and I need to finalize it urgently...
Thanks to anybody who may help me to recover it!



I once ran into a bug where some corrupt text found its way into the XML file. Run the project file through 'xmllint' at the konsole and see if it reports an error.

Thanks for your help. I managed to find the part of xml file which was making kdenlive crash: taking out this part the rest of the project file was readable normally by the software. So far it's ok even if I was not able to recognize the error and the reason why this happened.


it would have been useful for us to know what was the corrupted text :P

I had the same problem as the commenter above here is the corrupted text from my file:

producer in="���p�{�" out="149" id="29"

replacing the corrupted text fixed my problem

Because google gives this Thread a high ranking, I post my experience with the same Problem here: Version kdenlive 0.7.8.
I figured out, that in my case this entry causes trouble and crashes Kdenlive 0.7.8 when loading the Project:

I did cleard the tmp cache files with no luck, but disabling audio preview and unlock die helped.
changed to

worked for me

with correct greetings,