Kdenlive 0.7.3 on OpenSuse 11.1 64bit [SOLVED]


I am using Kdenlive on OpenSuse 11.1 64 bit, with KDE 4.2, installed from packman repository.

After I got the 0.7.3 update I went through the "Kdenlive upgraded" wizard. It showed that I needed to upgrade MLT and install recordmydesktop, which I did. Now the wizard reports that everything is ok, but the program does not start. Running it from the commandline I get the following output:

Unknown media type in type 'unknown/mime-type'
kdenlive: symbol lookup error: kdenlive: undefined symbol: _ZN3Mlt8ConsumerC1ERNS_7ProfileEPKcS4_

Any hints?


Yes, that solved it, thank you very much! 

I did not have the libmlt++1 package, and when I tried to install it, another package named mlt++ was uinstalled. After the Kdenlive starts again. Is this something wrong with the packgaging that should be noted somewhere? Or is it just my installation that is messed up?