Kdenlive 0.7.8 on Kubuntu 10.04 failed installation

When I try to install it from ppa:sunab/kdenlive-release, I got this error:
The following packages block the update: libpostproc51 libswscale0 libavformat52 libavdevice52 libavfilter0

Maybe Kubuntu doesn't work like Ubuntu ???

How can I install it ??


Please provide more information :

- exact package version of ffmpeg
- origin of ffmpeg packages

Note : All my packages are built against the standard KDE and standard FFmpeg in each (K)Ubuntu version, so if you are using a backported KDE or backported FFmpeg, DO NOT USE THIS PPA or you will experience many problems.

I think I have the same problem,
The first error is about libavfilter-extra-0

My version of ffmpeg is ffmpeg 4:0.6-2u3~ppa1 (I think is what you want to know, I am a very beginner un Ubuntu)
The origin of the package ppa.launchpad.net/n-muench/vlc/ubuntu/ lucid/main, Is that good ?

I hope it will help
Thanks a lot


You are mixing some ppas, and your version 0.6 of FFmpeg was backported from Maverick but causes conflicts. FFmpeg is a very sensible part of the multimedia chain and update it is quite dangerous as FFmpeg development is fast and regularly breaks ABI/API, and so breaks backward compatibility.

All the simple backports from Maverick, found on many ppas, do not allow coexistence of some old and new FFmpeg libs. This packaging delete old libs, and it is a very bad idea. If fact Ubuntu devs don't package thinking in multiple FFpmeg versions. So the packaging has to be adapted, I will try that and upload it to my ppa, if I have some time...

So be careful with ppas, the latest version is not always a wise choice.