Kdenlive 0.7.8 for Slackware 13.1 released

See subject;

You can go to the download page and download what you need. Both 32-bit and 64-bit packages are available, for the curious people: the build-script is also provided, as ever and resides in /usr/doc/kdenlive-0.7.8/

Bear in mind that ffmpeg still has to be built from Alien Bob's package, because due to patents and such it is not allowed to distribute with MP3 codec as a binary package.
I'll put myself to a few open topics in this regard, building ffmpeg and it's modules as separate dependencies instead of a static linking.

But first of all I'll get myself to update stuff with:
- libquicktime support (failed at this moment)
- dvdauthor / dvgrab packages

Share your thoughts regarding this new package!

Happy video editing! Thanks to the folks for releasing kdenlive-0.7.8!