Kdenlive 0.7.9 (and mlt 0.6.2) packaged for Fedora 14


Is there a 64bit packaged version?


Hi tim4dev.

I just wanted to show my thanks for your packaging of these files. I don't know why it's taken me so long to find them on here!
I noticed the installation page suggests that Fedora users try using the installer script but using your rpm packages is far easier! Perhaps this could be updated by the developers on the downloads page???

I have two little questions.
1. If I add the .repo file that you provide to /etc/yum.repos.d/ then will kdenlive and mlt be updated along with the rest of my system?
2. Have you made any attempt to get your packages into the rpmfusion.org repositories? As I see it, this is where a lot of people will download kdenlive from, and getting it there would get the most recent version to the widest user base!

Finally, Thank you again for doing this!