kdenlive 0.8.2 packages for Slackware available now

Took me some time, but finally they're here: the 0.8.2 packages for Slackware 13.37 both 32bit and 64bit have just finished compiling and are being uploaded as we speak.
Check the download section for Slackware and you'll get there (eventually);

There may be a few broken links here and there, they'll be fixed as soon as I see they're broken... meanwhile, you can leave your comments here.

I hope to be able to create the packages soon, but will have to check out how far behind I am now on the (mostly ffmpeg) dependencies. At most 1 month though, that's when I finished the build on the 64bit packages; Just never got time in between to finish the job.

Started to try to work with this version, but it appears to be highly unstable, so I advice not to use this version.
Adding a clip to a project makes kdenlive crash, MLT profiles are gone as well, libavformat cannot be found by kdenlive (although I am quite certain ffmpeg compilation with avformat went fine)

I guess I'll use an older version for my works and see how I can fix this version up. Stay tuned please ;-)

Updated the packages, recompiled ffmpeg and dependencies as well as MLT and Kdenlive
Also updated kdenlive to version Tried and used the software and all seems to work at first glance. Let me know of any issues these packages provide that should be fixed by your local package maintainer.