kdenlive 0.9.4 in Ubuntu

I installed 0.9.4 in Ubuntu 12.10 64 but I'm having a quite annoiance problem: if I add a clip to avideo track and then I play the clip the vertical bar doesn't move along the clip so it's almost impossible to establish a guide or move forward or back. The 0.9.2 versione does the same. Can I do try somenthing to get this problem off? Thanks in advance


Are you aware that there are 2 monitors? One is the "Clip Monitor" which plays the clip currently selected in the "Project Tree", the other monitor is the "Project Monitor" which plays whatever is in your timeline. Are you sure that you have selected the "Project Monitor" before playing? That would explain why the timeline cursor does not move...

Otherwise let us know where you took your MLT / Kdenlive packages and which MLT version is installed, and also test if MLT is working correctly by playing a video clip from a terminal:

melt myclip.mpg

Thanks a lot! The problem was exactly what you suggested. I am a very beginner with kdenlive and in OpenSude nothing similar happened to me.