From Kdenlive 7.7 to 7.6

Hi, is any way to find kdenlive 7.6 packages for ubuntu?

I upgraded from ubuntu 9.4 to 9.10, and during the process it uninstalled kdenlive 7.6. After the upgrade I found the new kdenlive 7.7, but the new version is unusable 'cause of the problems that are reported in several topics here, so i decided to go back to a previous version, but the only one available was the 7.5 from ubuntu repository. It seems to work, but unfortunately it can't open the 7.6 projects, because made with a newer vwersion, it means that I can't work on all the projects I did before.

Obviously I am grateful to the packagers, and ready to help their work testing the new versions, in the limits of my (poor) technical skills, but I'd like also to go on with the work on my projects, and the only way I see is reinstall the 7.6 version.


Update: searching in the forum I found a way to make 7.7.1 work properly, I just installed libsdl1.2debian-pulseaudio instead of libsdl1.2debian-alsa, and now it works. What I thought as a timeline rendering problem was just an audio problem that had bad influence on the timeline refresh. Now everything seems to work fine, thanks to anyone here!