KDENLIVE ON AIR ? (Television stuff)

I recently founded a new TV Channel that will on AIR at the end of the year. Its objectives are to provide informations on projects (mainly done by associations) dealing with sustainable development and solidarity. It will be available on satellites and cable networks in Europe.

We first decided to buy some Avid or Final Cut licenses to make our own production. (we already get 3 media composers)
But, we are strongly convinced that OpenSource could be a real opportunity for us. It is really related to what we are doing !
We have seen many software for video so we planned to test some. It seems that kdenlive is adapted in many ways to what we would like to do.

What we need is to work with the community and to get a real support from her. We won't be able to use it if it takes too much times, if it is not stable or if important functions need to be developed.
If we can get this support, we will be proud to use it and to show it ...

Is there anybody we can directly contact to discuss about it ?



NB : Please notice that we are an NGO (Non-Profit organisation - General Interest Recognition).