Kdenlive and MLT packages at Fedora

I want to know thoughts from users of Kdenlive at Fedora distro.

As maintainer I thinking about splitting MLT into two packages. One of all free staff which will be go to Fedora's official repo and second with only forbidden staff on Fedora, and it will be go to RPMFusion.

In that case Kdelive itself will be switched to Fedora's repo (from RPM Fusion)

- Kdenlive and MLT will be on Fedora official repository which mean that it will be sooner in repo that on RPM Fusion.
- All people who do not want to use RPM Fusion can work with Kdenlive (with all open codecs)!
- If you want to use patented and copyrighted codecs, simply install MLT-nonfree package from RPM Fusion.

- This is less comfortably than install all of that from one repository (like now from RPM Fusion)
- If you want to additionally install this 'non-free' part of MLT, than you must start Kdenlive's Config Wizard again because of rescaning newly codecs.
- Users which isn't know about this MLT-nonfree package can be in problem and periodically asking for ffmpeg, for example.

Before talking with Fedora developers I wnat to know yours stands about that, so please tell me yours opinions.


Fedora's maintainer,

I think this is a good idea, but perhaps premature. Currently, you can only decode DV, Ogg Vorbis, and image files without FFmpeg. I am working on better support for Ogg Theora. I have started to use liboggplay, which gives access to Theora, Dirac, Vorbis, FLAC, and Speex decoding, but I am considering abandoning this early effort and switching to gstreamer, which would open up even more. However, this only covers decoding. MLT only supports encoding with libdv outside of FFmpeg, and that is not even integrated into Kdenlive yet. Maybe wait until gstreamer decode AND encode plugins arrive. If you want to raise a discussion in Fedora community to recruit someone to develop those for MLT, even better! I imagine it will take quite a bit of work and continued attention. I already have to give a lot of attention to the FFmpeg integration not to mention the rest of MLT.

Well...yes. Can be premature, yet.

I did some experimental splitting, and it was mostly successful.

Two things make me some troubles for now.

1st) Module: Kino
I can not correctly divide this modul to quicktime - nonguicktime. Becasue it is the same .so file.
So, if I build 'free' package (without quicktime) than libmltkino.so do not provide quicktime capabilities.
On other hand, if I build 'non-free' package, then I should get libmltkino.so with full capabilities, but I can not correctly handle 'non-free' .so file which overwrites the same name 'free' .so file.
Ok, I can do some renaming of 'old' libmltkino.so file when user install 'mlt-nonfree' package over the 'mlt-free' package. And renaming to old state when and if user uninstall 'mlt-nonfree' package only. But the mainly problem laying in debuginfo packages. This is very hard to resolve in this case.

Honestly, I do not currently know how it would be well resolved. :)

2nd) Kdenlive: webcapturing
This is minority problem, but I notice that here.
Webcapuring is the only thing why Kdenlive depend of ffmpeg.
Can the webcamera capture solved in some other way, except via ffmpeg?

How about a bare-bones "core" version that can only import and export raw formats (that would really suffice for me!) in the Fedora repository? IMHO a video editor has nothing to do with video conversion anyway!

Why not?

Video converting is a part of video editing process but not vice versa ;)