Kdenlive and Ubuntu 8.04

Hello. I just upgraded to Ubuntu 8.04. And first thing I noticed was that Kdenlive was no longer there. I tried to install it from Synapsis, and the installation seems to go fine, but the program does not appear on the programs menu, and if I try to start the program from the terminal, the computer logs me off. I'we tried installing/reinstalling, installing the package on this site and many other things. Any suggestions??? I have been able to start the program from the terminal a couple of times (out of the 100's I'we tried), and I really need it to work because I'm working on a project there.

I'm using Kubuntu 8.04 and I have kdenlive installed from the repositories... the only downfall is that this is a SVN version and it's highly unstable...

the SVN version for me is MUCH more stable than the previous version...

Kind regards

Dave Rich

I've got the same problem with Kdenlive.
When I open this beautiful program the computer is login of.
I work with Kubuntu 8.04 64bit version and I hope that someone can tell what the problem is.
Just like Ivarma I was working on a project before I update from gutsy to hardy.

hello there,

First sorry for my english, i'm french.

Then, maybe I have a solution for this problem. It's working for me, I disable the visual effects in >preferences>apparence.

But I've got another problem, my sound is jerky.

My soundcard is a EMU 0404.


Hi there - I am new to this forum today.

I run Ubuntu 8.0.4 LTS on an AMD64 3200+ with 1gig RAM on a KT8 Neo (MSI 6702 v1) with 2 x 150gb SATA disks.

I am using kdenlive 0.6.0-svn (Using KDE 3.5.9) which was downloaded from the Ubuntu repository via Synaptic Package Manager.

I have been trying to complete a not-for-profit video against a deadline - not easy with kdenlive, and in the process discovered that when I open a recent project there is always some network activity (the back of the box faces me, so I can see the link and active lights). What I have discovered is that unplugging the network cable as I open a recent project improves the likelihood that the project will open without a crash. I can then reconnect and carry on working till the next problem arises.

I don't understand why that should make a difference, but it does allow me to complete projects by deadlines.

I also discovered that pulling in images for 'montage' slides that had not been previously sized to the final frame size of the video is a sure way to end up with a project that cannot be re-opened.

I read in this forum that adding an additional audio track to the number is use provides stability, and this is also part of my routine now.

I pass these on to other users in case it helps them too.

One day, kdenlive will be the off-line editor of choice since it offers so much promise!

Keep up the good work.

Hi I've just started playing with KDENLIVE using UBuntu 8.04 and I have an issuse when with screen blanking when various
parameters of transistions are chagned. In particular if I make a PIP transition between two tracks every time I change the size, position, or transparancey, the entire screen blanks for a second or 2 and then reapears. I get the same blanking effect when I open a saved project. Apart from this annoying screen blanking the program seems to be working fine.

Anybody else seen this problem or know how to fix it?

I have an ATI X1300 Pro graphics card using fglrx, without compiz.