Is Kdenlive in any "studio" distros?

... I don't believe it's in AV Linux or Ubuntu Studio, are there any others I've missed?

Or is there any easy way to run Kdenlive from a USB stick at full speed like I believe Puppy Linux offers, running from entirely from memory (if I understand that correctly!)..?

Basically, I have a PC that isn't connected online, so the simple ways of running Linux and staying up to date are out the window... as far as I can see from my contented use of my Linux Mint netbook (great for wifi hotspot websurfing), Linux is an online OS which requires constant updates from the net and for the 'app store'-alike repository system.

But I could happily download ISOs on my netbook and create USB sticks for use on that offline PC. I have an old version of Kdenlive running on Mint 7 on that PC, but I'm too scared to even try to update anything by bring in .deb files via USB stick, in case I break something :)

I want to try the latest Kdenlive but it's tricky!

Isn't it possible to create a live image on a USB stick, with the possibility to install packages afterwards? You then could for example use a recent Ubuntu and install kdenlive from the repository to the USB stick from your computer with net access.

Thanks for answering. I'm a newbie to Linux really, but not totally clueless, I hope!

I believe there is a way to run off a USB stick, add packages, tweak things, and then 'remaster' to a new ISO to create a further USB stick... that's something I'll have to look into.

I like the Puppy Linux prospect of fast running from memory with no USB reads to slow things down, again it looks like I need to do a whole lot more research.

A really simple way to get this working would bring Kdenlive to many many MANY more users, I reckon.

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Would be great if you could share your results.

I am using KXStudio now, and I think it's great.

Thanks ddennedy, that looks like one I could recommend, I presume it's the latest & greatest version of Kdenlive?

I really was keen on the Puppy Linux approach of running from USB stick, with super-fast run speed as it's all loaded in memory.... so I'll continue with my casual research on that front :)

All the best