Kdenlive crashes when opening project

Hi! I already found a bug for this, but it's closed, so I don't know whether I should comment there so it'd be reopened or create a new one:


What happens is that while I was using kdenlive (creating a title page) the program crashed. I had saved the project seconds before the crash happened, but I don't know why I thought it was a good idea to recover the project (once I tried to open the project file that option was given). And then it crashed again. Then I tried to open the project, but this time without trying to recover it, and then... Bum, crash again.

So I'm stuck. I don't understand the project file structure and I don't even know what's wrong so I can't edit it manually. Any idea?


which kdenlive version are you using? you can mail me the project file ( jb at kdenlive.org), i can check if something is corrupted.

Hi, and thanks! =D

I'm using -- I'm sending you the project file..

I have the same problem.
What was the solution?