kdenlive on dapper?

Hello, is possible to install kdenlive in dapper 6.06?
If so, how can I do it?

thanks, migalho

Yes, of course. It is always possible to install any software that is designed
for Linux on Ubuntu. (But you probably already knew that.)

Did you try what it says here?

http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Kdenlive/G ... ing#Ubuntu

What happens when you do that?

Don't mean to lecture you, but probably a better place for you to be asking
(if you haven't already) is in an Ubuntu forum, because I'd almost guarantee that
some Ubuntu user (even on older Dapper) knows whether it installs easily there.

Another solution: If you upgraded your Dapper to the newer 7.10 'Gutsy', you would
find that kdenlive is available in those repositories. [Multimedia software tends
to be a bit more kernel-intensive and newer kernels have newer/improved drivers,
which in turn allows more apps to become available in repositories,etc.
I run Kubuntu 7.10 aka Gutsy in a evaluation-partition, tho I prefer the MEPIS distro
over (K)ubuntu, and I do know that kdenlive is available in those repositories.]

Did you use 'Synaptic' and look in Ubuntu's repository to see if kdenlive is present there?
[You provide no information at all, before you ask your question, so we can only guess
what you exactly mean by your question. No doubt you've installed some other software
on Ubuntu, so why can't you install kdenlive just like you installed that other software?]

Ok, I'll assume that this is your problem. The other software you installed was in
your repositories for Ubuntu Dapper, but now 'kdenlive' is not in those repositories.
If so, and you don't yet want to upgrade your OS, then ask in the Ubuntu forums, because
someone there will probably know how to 'build it from sources', which is one approach
when a product is not available in Linux distro's repositories. If some other Ubuntu/Dapper
user has built it, and then they could provide you with a .DEB kit to install, so you could
ask your question that way in an Ubuntu forum.

Yet another approach would be to install a slightly different Linux distro: namely, MEPIS 7.0,
which is in late 'beta' phase. That distro I am much more familiar with, as it is my
preferred Linux distro, and I do know that kdenlive is present in the repositories for that distro,
so installing it there, like on the newer (K)ubuntu Gutsy, is a 'piece of cake'.

Hope this helps...you have several choices.