Kdenlive in Debian Sid and Squeeze - call for testing


kdenlive 0.7.3 is now offical part of Debian Sid and will soon enter Squeeze aka testing.

So I call now you (the users) to test and use it and give me feedback :)

Thanks. I will do my best to report. Do you know why dvgrab is still 3.2 when 3.4 has been out for a while?

It is just a matter of taste, but dvgrab capture and swplugins effects should be installed by default. If you stick to technical requirements, dvgrab and swplugins are not required. Most first time users will not install dvgrab and may look for hours how to acquire from dv. So IMHO from a user point of view dvgrab and swplugins are required. Same for effects.

mkisofs is required to create DVDs.


thanks for your first points.

Version of dvgrab:
There is a bug filled for the new release and the maintainer confirmed it, so I think he is on it.

Recommends to dvdauthor, genisoimage and recordmydesktop are added in this morning, they will be added with the next upload.

debian/sid, 0.7.3 installed.

i use tvrecord to record a piece of video from my tvcard, but still i can't get correct sound, only
big noise.

even when i only press the play button in tvrecord video window, only small noise sound can be heard.

on the other hand, i can watch tv in tvtime (yes, with correct sound). also can record videos correctly in xawtv as well as mp4live.

so can you help me to solve this?

ffmpeg capture using OSS does not produce good sound. This is a known issue. I wonder wether ffmpeg now supports ALSA sound capture.

I can't see the frie0r plugins in the effect list window after installing frei0r-plugins from sid.

Okay, kdenlive migrated to testing and I just uploaded a new version to unstable wich depends/recommends all needed utils.

Any other suggestions?

After building a live DVD, I found some minors corrections. Kdenlive should include mkisofs dependency for building DVDs. Why do you recommand genisoimage? Kdenlive may not be able to use it. On first startup, Kdenlive complains that mkisofs is not present.

Also, libmlt1 from Debian SID conflicts with Marillat libmlt1, which is seen by the installer as an upgraded version. I have to discuss that with Christian Marillat. Maybe he should remove Kdenlive and mlt from Marillat multimedia.

Kdenlive and melt were removed from Debian multimedia to avoid conflicts.

We have a new issue: melt was not compiled against Frei0r effects.
Could you recompile MELT with the required freiOr dependencies?

Email sent to both maintainers:

Dear Fado and Patrick,
Just a quick note that MELT should be compiled against FreiOr video effect library:
Also Kdenlive should include mkisofs bindings.
Kind regards,
Jean-Michel Pouré