kdenlive does not work on any machine

Okay ...

I thought, "finally, someone wrote a decent non-linear video editor! Let's check it out!" But I wasn't able to run it on any of the four machines I have access to:

- dual core intel with NVidia graphics,
- centrino notebook with intel graphics
- core2 duo notebook with ATi graphics
- AMD64 with nvidia graphics

It runs on all of these, but in no case I was able to play back any video. It's either audio only (still frames work), crashes on "play", freezes or random segfaults. How it should be possible for anyone to get a single clip even playing is beyond me. Is there some magic I need to do to make it work? Please, don't get me wrong. being a programmer myself I highly appreciate the work people put in their projects, but I really can't see how anyone can get this software to run.

I tried the RPMs shipped with SuSE as well as compiling the SVN from scratch (either using the builder script or rolling my own, no difference).

Trying to debug it ended in gdb spitting out a huge backtrace spread out over 10 threads, only on one machine ending in a defined place (SDL_ScaleSmooth). So far I wasn't able to produce any usable debug output.

I'd really love to give this software a thorough testing, but as it seems, there's no way for me to use it.


A small update:

After upgrading my system to SuSE 10.3beta3 (experimental) and symlinking two libraries (libamrnb.so.3 and libamrwb.so.3 each to .so.2) it works. There are still frequent crashes while resizing or moving clips, but that's something I can live with for now. Detailed crash logs following when I get more time to analyze them.

Thanks so far!