Kdenlive export to Dailymotion OGG (HTML5 HD videos)

Dear friends,

I don't know whether it was discussed here,
but firefox 3.5 supports a new VIDEO tag.

Dailymotion is able to play ogg videos:

This may be the end of Flash.

Are you aware of Dailymotion recommendations as regards ogg encoding?

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As I've seen from news, Firefox 3.5 is a pretty substantial update to the popular open-source browser, and it's just around the corner. There is a lot of great debate in the comments about whether or not you can do this stuff in Flash. Technically, you can, but the only examples I’ve seen are where the entire page is done in Flash or a proprietary overlay is being used. The videos in the demo all sit within regular Web pages and are written in HTML5. What is interesting in my mind about the Ogg Vorbis format is that it makes videos programmable. Videos today are still for the most part siloed off from the rest of the Web in their Flash players as a separate experience. It is time to break down those walls. By now you probably know that one of Firefox 3.5 main features is the ability to show video encoded in Theora format natively, that is without the need of a plugin or any other software. The good thing is that you don’t need a money lender just to purchased this latest edition of firefox. You can download it for free.