Kdenlive freezes with crash recovery on

Kdenlive is freezing regularly with a particular project which has 36 files.

It happens at any time during work on clips.

I have kdenlive 0.9.5 from daily build and 0.9.6 from wheezy repo, both get freezes.

Can only kill kdenlive in task man.

Starting in a terminal, no errors reported at time of freeze, the last thing is the auto-save...

kdenlive(19483) KdenliveDoc::slotAutoSave: // AUTOSAVE FILE: "/home/.../kdenlive/.kde/data/stalefiles/kdenlive/49cd6848c4709e26a91ac64c972dbd50egJ_NazOuegJ"
kdenlive(19483) KdenliveDoc::xmlSceneList: // FOUD 0 EFFECTS+++++++++++++++++++++

A project with one or two files does not freeze. But I'm thinking that the freeze occurs because of a problematic file, so if that file is not loaded no freeze will occur (during auto-save?)

So, I experimented with the Crash recovery feature turned off.... no freezes at all.

It's hard to pin-point a file that could be problematic though.

Any ideas about this?


I have had to kill kdenlive via task manager on a few occasions recently too. Not sure what causes it. 0.9.6

Yeah same here, last build for me that doesn't freeze was on the 11th April, builds after that have been trouble.

Who wants to submit the mantis ?

Hi, interesting to know you guys have had trouble too! :(

So can we pin-point the reson for this? freeze right?
Can we nail it to auto-save?? I'm still testing with it un-checked to see...

..Oh no, I get a freeze! :s

It will freeze during any kind of work.

Just need to run the git build in debug mode and submit report on Mantis, haven't had chance yet, you may have noticed on developer mailing list problems with Jack in MLT so could be one in the same problem.