Kdenlive hang during rendering

Hi Team,

I was trying to render a video comprising of photo slide show and an MPG video clip of 25fps and 640x480 resolution. The project settings are 720p HD with 29.97fps and H.264 encoding. The rendering happens smoothly until it reaches the point of rendering the MPG clip. The kdenlive rendering hangs and it seems like melt is stuck somewhere. I understand that MPG video I use is causing the problem. So I re-encoded MPG clip to h.264 with 29.97 fps and 720p resolution independently and tried to render again entire project with re-encoded clip.

In spite of doing this, the rendering still hangs and CPU hogs until job is manually aborted.

Any help on this would really be appreciated.

Kdenlive version:
OS: Ubuntu 11.10

Apologies if this is discussed earlier.

Thanks in advance,


Thank you so much for the post.