kdenlive hangs when exporting

I have Version 0.6.0-svn and I am a newbie who has never done Video editing before.

When I try to export my project by either Export Timeline or Export to DVD it usually gets part way through and then hangs.

What could be wrong? I have added only 3 .mpg clips with no transitions.


Kdenlive 0.6 is deprecated. Kdenlive was rewritten from scratch and is labled Kdenlive 0.7.x. Please upgrade to the latest version. If you distribution includes Kdenlive 0.6, please complain to packages maintainers. You can probably download the new Kdenlive 0.7.x from our website.

Thanks. I am using Mepis 8 RC2 (based on Debian Lenny)

When I read your website I got the impression that 0.7 was for KDE 4. I will have another look and hopefully upgrade.

Can you please point me in the right direction and explain how I should upgrade on Mepis?

From all of the Video editing programs I have seen kdenlive looks the best (if I can get it to work for me)

Use this link: http://www.kdenlive.org/user-manual/downloading-and-installing-kdenlive

Contact your package maintainer and explain 0.6 svn is deprecated.

Thanks again. I assume I only have to follow the section....

"Install Kdenlive packages from Debian multimedia repositories."

(not "Upgrade to Debian Unstable")

Please excuse my ignorance.