Kdenlive incorrectly play clips and timeline

Kdenlive, mlt, ffmpeg, libx264 & libvpx are build from sources on latest 32-bit Kubuntu and Xubuntu.

Clips are played on timeline ignoring in and out point. Playback starts from the point where it stops before.
Also when I start command melt aaa.xml with content


I see the whole clip directly from beginning to the end.

FFmpeg correctly cuts video with flags -ss and -t. Tryed video clips in format mkv, avi, mpg and codecs mpeg1video, mpeg2video. No change.
Tryed clean system and install packages with Synaptic. No change.

content of aaa.xml is

<producer id="a1">
<property name="resource">clip.avi(/property>
<playlist id="a2">
<entry producer="a1" in="1000" out="1999"/>
<entry producer="a1" in="0" out="999"/>