KdenLive KDE on Ubuntu 12.04 Xfce


I am using 64 bit Ubuntu Studio 12.04 Xfce and would like to install Kdenlive. It is available from the Ubuntu Software Center. I am wondering if there will be issues because my Ubunto Studio came installed with Xfce. I don't want to "bugger up" my current install because of different desktops. What concerns should I have?


Not sure how upto date the kdenlive and MLT versions are in the Ubuntu repo's. To test kdenlive without adding to your 'system'. You could try using the build script or maybe a 'self contained' daily build from here:


KDE runtime dependancies will still be needed to be installed though I'd assume. Not necessarily a KDE Desktop though.

i use xubuntu and sunab's kdenlive-release ppa. sure it will install kde library dependencies but there's nothing wrong with that.

i also use xubuntu and Kdenlive from sunab ppa is super stable :D well almost :D

KDE libraries are distinct from the KDE desktop and services. Sometimes you have to check that the "Recommended" packages aren't pulling in anything huge and unnecessary but, in general, you can install KDE apps and their dependent libraries without installing the whole of KDE.