Kdenlive-KDE4 logo draft2

This is a continuation of the thread with the similar title in the General Announcements section, it's just I realized this topic should really be in here...

Anyway, disclaimers aside, I've tried a whole bunch of different ideas, including K's and dragons, penguins, dragon heads, cogs, more dragons, general abstracted open source images, you name it. The problem was that this needs to be able to scale down to a 16x16 pixel icon (like in your task manager) as well as looking good large. That means simple.

So here's what I came up with (before final tweaking, of course):[attachment=1]



The idea is that it combines elements of:
- Clean simplicity (only 2 arrows, to reflect a Kdenlive strength: the clear interface)
- KDE (blue colours and a very subtle K on its side made of the top arrow + bottom black and white striped bar)
- Open source's constant improvement (arrows rising, moving from dark to light)
- Timeline editing (arrows are 2 sets of parallel lines)
- KDE's general design direction (minimalist, curved corners - see clapper).

Here's also a much smaller version to see it at more icon size:



I did try a number of "K" icons, but found that it looked a bit weird having the K on the clapper, right next to the K of kdenlive in the logo.

So... Is this closer? Are we there yet? Can we conquer the world now?!?
OK... breeeeathe Cinephiliac.

*goes and lies down*

Its really nice :-)

Very nice indeed. Clear, simple, recognizable. Good job cinephiliac !

How about something like this?


There's a small space on my desktop just waiting for that logo, Cinephiliac! It looks really slick and somehow the combination of those 2 shades of blue work for me.

@Waynevid - Personally I wouldn't go for the bright cyan and I think the small white lines might get lost in a 16x16 version. On a side note - now it seems to slope downward like a depression chart (negative). Maybe try a different version and post a smaller version too?

Hey cinephiliac, any chance of uploading a .svg of your logo? I rearranged my desktop and would really like your design on it!

Ironically, it is my impression this wholo logo debacle sort of cooled of Cinephiliacs involvement with Kdenlive considerably :-(

He is surely missed.



Mads, this is only a logo. Cinephilac is free to help at any corner. Developing Kdenlive is only a hobby for most of us. So don't blame the logo issue for Cinephilac hobby choices.