Kdenlive layer Opacity

I am not sure if this is a right place to ask this question or not,

and if there was a post like this, sorry if it is not an appropriate place

What i want to know, is there a way to decrease opacity in video clips layer an if there is a way how

thank you for your time :)

There is no such concept as a layer in kdenlive, instead you have tracks and you compose the clips on those tracks. Add a composition to a clip. In the properties of the composition you'll find the opacity parameter. You need to click on a composition in order to see and change its properties. Also, ensure that there is always another track with a clip to compose with or otherwise opacity will be 100%, i.e. no transparency at all. You can ensure this by adding as black clip, if necessary.

thank you for the reply
I would love to test it myself but sadly i do not know i can do that today, so if yo do not mind i want to cleat some things


i am talking about ,,level" can that be achieved with information you mentioned above ??

Looked in to this and i do not want to sound studied but could not find this settings what Version are you using I am using 0.9.2

Have a look at the page on composite transitions in the kdenlive manual at kdeuserbase. I don't have the exact URL at the moment.


I would like to thank every one for the replies

Add your clip to a track on the kdenlive timeline. Then right click on this clip in the timeline. Choose "add transition", "Composition". A yellow rectangle appears immediately below your clip, partly overlapping it. Left click on this composition.

In the transition window you will see all the properties available for the Composition, one of it should read "opacity". Change its value accordingly.

Thank you very much