kdenlive on Mandriva Cooker

Build kdenlive on Mandriva Cooker, 05 22 2009


instaled devel packages from mandriva repositories (cooker and plf) with urpmi - see http://www.kdenlive.org/user-manual/downloading-and-installing-kdenlive/installing-source/installing-required-libraries- and devel libraries for ffmpeg (i compiled ffmpeg and instaled but no instaled, i use the plf version but i instaled devel libraries on the instalation page I unistalled all ffmpeg stuff related to my distro)

¡Read whole instructions on the kdenlive instalation page and INSTALL files on sources carefully!

I instaled all with the target with  --prefix==/usr in ./configure bootstrap and so scripts

uninstall mlt, mlt++, kdenlive, dvgrab

svn and cvs mlt, mlt++, kdenlive, dvgrab, smilutils, frei0r (and ffmpeg if you would)

For compiling and install dvgrab (version 3.5 on CVS), urpmi packages devel from libraw1394 (2.0.3 version) and so and libiec61883 (you can search with #urpmi --fuzzy 1394 (61883) or search on MCC package manager gui) or see the console error and then install with urpmi.

For frei0r compile and install, install the required packages, opencv-devel gmerlin and realted stuff and see the console error and install required packages.

The final compilation is stable but i am problems with the firewire  on my camcorder Sony Handycam, freeze the system, peraphs a problem with my recent kernel (proposed kdenlive 7.2.1 Mandriva version no problems)

sorry my bad english, i am not a programer and i not sure if i could help you.


 a little tip:

you can change in your Mandriva distribution  all QMAKE_CFLAGS adjusting it to your system.

/usr/lib/qt4/mkspecs/common/g++.conf  (in my case changed  "-march=native -mtune=native")

another interesant files in /usr/lib/qt4/mkspecs/*



Here a snapshot     picasaweb.google.com/rublar/Kdenlive