Kdenlive on Mint 13

So I recently installed Kdenlive onto Mint 13 Cinnemon. I can't edit any videos because of this really annoying bug. The needly shows a completely different place on the video clip to what is actually being played. In fact what is being played in the preview window is just a random part somewhere else on the clip.

The installation of kdenlive from the repos in the download page of this website has also broken the install for other programs. I've been using Kdenlive on and off for a few years now, and I have to say that although the features on it are really good.

The bugs have been a source of a great deal of stress in my life, and has even caused me to lose income on some occasions because I have foolishly chosen to use Kdenlive instead of propietory software. If only there wern't so many bugs on Kdelive and I didn't spend so much time sorting them out, I'd be handing over a health chunk of my income over to the project. I apologise for the rant but I feel the need to express how many times this piece of software has brought me to tears because of the huge amount of stress it gives me.