Kdenlive not starting up after installation

I am runing Fedora 10 and installed kdenlive for the first time from rpmfusion repository, following the instructions given here:
Unfortunately, when I try to start the program I get the following message:
"Cannot find the melt program required for rendering (part of Mlt)"
I could see in several posts herein instructing to remove file Kdenliverc, but this file does not exist in my computer. I also saw a post instructing to install Mlt application, but it is already installed in my computer. I removed ad re-installed it, but no success.
Any other tip?

Did you install the MLT and MLT++ packages? Which version of these packages and which Kdenlive version do you have?


Again, again and... Again :)

Kdenlive 0.75 and MLT 0.4.4 at Fedora's RPMFusion repo have renamed MLT's binary file.
Prior start Kdenlive, please do this as user:

rm ~/.kde/share/config/kdenliverc

Why this happened?
Because, old MLT binary (prior version MLT 0.4.4) was named as melt, but this filename is busy by 'freeze' package at Fedora, so I renamed MLT's binary file to mlt-melt and do appropriate changes in Kdenlive.

Of course, you must install both (MLT and KDenlive) via RPMFusion! And MLT version must be 0.4.4 and Kdenlive must be 0.7.5.

Second thing!

At Fedora 10 Kdenlive and MLT do not working well. So I strongly suggested to upgrade your Fedora to version 11!

Official Kdenlive & MLT maintainer at Fedora

- Kdenlive 0.7.4-2
- Mlt 0.4.4-1

I wasn't able to find Mlt++. What should I do to install this thing? I made a quick search in Google, but wasn't able to find any instruction.

Thanks for the help

Dear Grof,

Please, review my original post and you will see that the file you mentioned does not exist in my computer. The command you suggested was already typed and it returns an error message because the file Kdenliverc is not found!
It means, your suggestion does not work at all!

Just to clarify, I had ready several posts before posting mine. I work in a customer relation department and I know what is to answer several times the same thing. :-)

Secondly, I installed Kdenlive from RPMfusion and version available was 0.7.4.

Thanks for the try.


Try again. Kdenlive 0.7.5 is in RPMFusion!


yum update

But not for Fedora 10! Only for 11 and rawhide....

Hi, eduardo

When you open kdenlive and it shows dialog "Cannot find the melt program required for rendering (part of Mlt)", you should put in the textfield the path "/usr/bin/mlt-melt" and click on confirmation button. If don't work, open your console and put "whereis mlt-melt". It shows the path to 'mlt' that you should give to kdnlive in the dialog.

note: this explanation is for Fedora 10!!

Hola eduardo

Cuando ábreskdenlive y este te muestra el dialogo "Cannot find the melt program required for rendering (part of Mlt)", tu debes poner "/usr/bin/mlt-melt" en la entrada de texto (sin las comillas, o bien puedes buscar la ruta) y darle en el botón de confirmación. Si esto no te funciona, ejecuta en la consola "whereis mlt-melt" (sin las comillas) y te indicará la ruta de 'mlt', la cual pondrás en la entrada del dialogo (RUTA/mlt-melt).

Observación: Esta explicación es para Fedora 10!!! (es decir, si funciona en Fedora 10, no tiene que actualizarlo)