Kdenlive packages in Sid: widescreen DVD problems


I wonder if anyone can help me out with an issue over exporting widescreen PAL DVDs from a Debian sid machine?

The packages which are in use at the moment are mlt (1:0.2.4.svn20080521-0.1), ffmpeg (0.svn20080206-8) and of course kdenlive (0.5.svn20080420-0.0). I needed to sync up a video and audio recording of a piano concerto concert. The user experience was pretty good! I managed to caption it, fade to black, add guides etc etc but the export to DVD fails without attempting to produce any vob files.

Not wanting to throw away the time spent editing, I borrowed a colleagues Ubuntu ("Hardy Heron") laptop which appeared to produce a DVD tree (empty audio_ts, video_ts with a load of files in it) but when burned, one of the DVD players I tried the disk on said "Unsupported format" and the other said "Still" and displayed a blank screen.

So I thought I'd try and export a raw dv file and read it into kino which I know can produce simple DVDs. But the exported dv file appeared to be letterboxed in spite of the fact I asked for a 16:9 one, and the project was 16:9 also (it displays that way on the Timeline monitor with no problems). This may be similar to the post at


which seemed to be fixed with a rebuild from the latest source, but in view of the very recent versions in Sid, I'm wondering if that really is the probelm I'm seeing here.

So now I'm stuck with no obvious way of getting my edit out onto DVD. Has anbody had success with widescreen DVDs on Debian/Sid? How did you do it? I'm not afraid of building software or of command-line invocations, but the people in the video are reasonably getting impatient with me, so a quick fix would be much appreciated if anybody knows one :)



I ran into a similar problem some time ago when I was first using kde 0.6svn. The issue was with MLT and MLT profiles which kdenlive relies on. Make sure your profile name matches the mlt profile name -- look for the file name like dv_ntsc_wide.

The profiles will likely be in: /usr/share/mlt/profiles/ or /usr/local/share/mlt/profiles/