kdenlive stable on Fedora 11 beta

I've been trying to track down why kdenlive is crashing on Fedora 10 (see bug 410)

I have tested building kdenlive on Fedora 10 with:
- i686
- x86_64
- using nVidia video (kmod-nvidia)
- using ATI video (fglrx)
- MLT_AVFORMAT_THREADS=1 (in builder wizard and kdenlive_start)
- compiling MLT, MLT+ and frei0r using CC=gcc34

The exact same bug exists with all tests.

I have then moved on to test Fedora 11 on x86_64.

I have installed by following this guide I put together for Fedora 10.

The build completed successfully and is stable - I cannot reproduce the bug from moving between timeline and project monitor/manager or clip manager from Fedora 10.

I have run some comparisons against my installed packages on Fedora 10 and Fedora 11, perhaps it will shed some light as to why this bug exists on Fedora 10.  Detailed comparisons against packages are listed on the bug tracker (see bug 410)


Well... at least it was for a while...

After a full yum update this evening (loads of new updates) the video playback within kdenlive works for a few seconds and then freezes.

inigo = video plays then freezes straight away
ffplay = same video slows right down to a crawl

totem = same video grinds to a halt
vlc = same video plays perfectly


 You can try kdenlive 0.7.3 packages from my Fedora 11 testing repo:


1st install rawhide rpm-fusion:

su -c 'rpm -Uvh http://download1.rpmfusion.org/free/fedora/rpmfusion-free-release-rawhid... http://download1.rpmfusion.org/nonfree/fedora/rpmfusion-nonfree-release-...'

2nd Install my Fedora 11 repo:

su -c 'rpm -ivh http://wiki.open.hr/~zpintar/fedora-11/zpintar-repo-1.0-1.rawhide.noarch...'

3rd Install Kdenlive 0.7.3

su -c 'yum install kdenlive'

and, of course live a comment here :)


Hi Grof,

Unfortunately the same problem exists - kdenlive is fine until I playback video.
The video freezes but I can still use the GUI, select options it looks like just the playback thread has died.

I have tested this directly with /usr/bin/inigo - same problem.

I might build a F11 virtual machine and see if I can reproduce this issue.

Anyone else trying out F11 beta that can comment?


After a bit of testing I've found the problem:

kernel- = video freezes up after a few seconds

kernel- = OK
kernel-2.6.29- = OK

Therefore the solution is just to change grub.conf to boot off kernel- for now.


So, it is a kernel issue.... ah, Fedora 11 is still in Beta, so this issues are normal.

Just upgraded to the latest kernel on Fedora 11

Video playback in kdenlive is OK, everything is very stable apart from a few fre0ir video effects (for example glow).
I'll open some bug reports in the next few days.


I can confirm,

upgraded Fedora 10 to 11 preview (kernel and updated ( kernel ):

Stable, not crashing as per bug 410 booting any of the kernels.

Yes, but MLT goes to big reconstruction, so I must rewrite .spec file.
Because of MLT reconstrction, Kdenlive must be partially reconstructed, too!

So, the work continues... ;)