kdenlive startup problem

I built the most recent kdenlive and mlt from the repositories today and it isn't working right. It is taking a very long time (over 15 minutes!) for the UI to show up after I launch kdenvlive.

After spending some time with gdb it appears kdenlive is stuck in a loop that starts at line 268 in initeffects.cpp. The loop goes through 318 iterations. The first 66 iterations happen very fast but the remainder are very slow with about 4 seconds per iteration.

I run ubuntu 10.10 on a 2.4GHz Core 2 duo machine with 3 GB ram and kdenlive used to run fine before now.

Is anybody else having the same problem?

More info. During the very fast initial iterations the loop is looking for sox effects. During the very slow iterations the loop is looking for ladspa effects.

kdenlive is now back to a normal startup time (about 2 seconds) after removing a whole bunch of extra ladspa plugins I had installed. Specifically, I removed ubuntu packages jack-rack, blop, cmt, and swh-plugins. Now the loop in initeffects.cpp only does 125 fast iterations.