Kdenlive Static Package

As kdenlive depends on quite recent dependencies not always available in the main distros repositories, wouldn't it be possible to have a static package (like blender i think) including everything?

This would save the trouble of having to make different packages for each distro, and solve a lot of problems for people not having the last ffmpeg, or codecs, etc.

I understand that it would make a heavier package, maybe less integrated in the destkop... but at least everything inside would be up to date and working. I guess it would be better as well for developers for tracking bugs as there will be less variables in the package.

Can the developers tell if this is something that can be done?



Doesn't the virtualbox image offer you an alternative?

not at all, I'd like to use kdenlive with the full potential of the computer not on an emulator!

I could build one.
I never build static binaries before, but I guess a simple "--enable-static" is enough.
But I can only build for 64bit.

If everything goes OK, you should get:
- Qt 4.6.0
- MLT 0.4.10
- ffmpeg 4:0.5+svn20090706
- kdenlive 0.7.6+svn4144

I'll see if I can get this baby done in a short time.

I'll keep you posted

that would be excellent, I'm on 64bit , I'll gladly test it.

I'm having some troubles building kdenlive, but it should be ready next week.

Do you prefer SVN or stable?

I can't build it.
It always fails somewhere, even 0.7.6.

Probably because of KDE 4.4, but not sure.

Sorry, someone else has to do this

Thank you for trying anyway!