kdenlive svn + KDE 4 devel libs on X64 Kubuntu Gutsy Tribe 3


I've built kdenlive svn checked out last night with KDE 4 devel libs on X64 Kubuntu Gutsy Tribe 3

All built successfully it would appear.

The first time I started kdenlive the workspace appears and it asks me for the video output format i would like to use, i chose PAL Widesceen after which I was told it could not create a preview window and kdenlive just closed when i clicked OK.

Now when I start Kdenlive I'm no longer asked format and just told it can't open a preview window.

I've tried looking for the location of the preferences for video format in a hidden file in my home folder but have not found one. But more importantly how do i resolve the preview window failure.

Thanks in advance.

Kdenlive probably doesn't compile with KDE4 libs. You must have some KDE3 libraries installed on your system. The warning message saying that Kdenlive cannot create the preview window is probably caused by a missing library. Did you install MLT 0.2.4 ? Please check the library requirements on: http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Kdenlive/Getting_and_installing#Installing_from_SVN

You can also try to play a video file with MLT's command line player to test your MLT install. In a terminal, type:

inigo your_video.mpg

If it doesn't play, there's something wrong with your MLT install...