Kdenlive theme.

Please, tell me what theme you used for the screenshot on the homepage, and how you installed it. All my attempts to re-theme Kdenlive have been fairly grim.

The theme is called "Wonton Soup", it comes by default with KDE. If you are using a gnome Desktop, you will probably need to install the "systemsettings" app from KDE that allows you to change the color scheme for KDE applications


i have rencently installed ubuntu 12.04 (dual boot on mac book pro!), and i setup same kind of (system) theme playing with 'myunity' , so the kdenlive who run there look like your screenshot !


Nota:In this install, i have converted a friend (and a mac!)) who did professional video editing with apple's habitual stuff to this tiny (in terms of space in the disk, it's incredible!!!) wonderful toools of video creation:kdenlive on gnu/linux

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j-b-m, Danke.

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No way to change this setting on an OS X system?