kdenlive-unstable needs update


I wonder if sunabs repo kdenlive-unstable gets updated to a more recent svn rev.
In rev.4195 many bugs are fixed so that users could get these latest changes this way would be more pain free, than recompilling the whole brunch every time.
This could be like in Mythbuntu-repos, where pckages get built automatcaly every 2 days.
At the same time there were more users finding bugs whitch would speed up the development of this wonderful app.But i´m not shure if the devs actually want that.
Instead of bying buggy windows-consumer-NLE, where with a patch one thing gets better while others get worse, i would rather consider a donation to this project, but i need a repo with as recent builds as possible.

Sorry for my poor english, read something is way easyer for me than write something down.