Kdenlive v0.7.5 review by Eugenia on OSnews.com

I think maybe the reviewer expected too much but meant well :)

The most offputting thing to a newbie is the mention of crashes. Stability is the most vital thing to aim for. A basic, stable, easy to use Kdenlive must be the priority, because that will draw in users, possibly attract more help, and give the developers more momentum to work on adding the bells and whistles later.

Quote: "As I am a colourist, I feel limited by Kdenlive". Boom!

GEGL could be part of the answer.

Is "Boom" the sound of one of the crashes? ;-)

Yes, it is still too crashy, but a couple of months ago, I gave a 90 minute demo to user group meeting on a 64-bit OS, and it did not crash a single time! Then, about a month ago, I was working on a personal video, and it was crashing very frequently and in some unexpected places. I think I had a checkout at a bad point in time or an unclean build because it was much more stable when I recently was testing major changes in MLT.

Keep on keepin' on!